Competition Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

This competition is restricted to the English language. If your story is in any other language,please stay tuned to our website. We got some bigger plans.

We decided to have a minimum word count in order to avoid very short stories. Minimum word count is 1000.
If your story has less than 1000 words, it won’t be considered as a valid submission.

One person can only submit one story. If you do submit other stories, your first story will only be considered. Carefully pick the best story. If you do have multiple stories, please contact us in WhatsApp @7530000391 or via Email [email protected]

Results of the competition will not be announced any day prior to the announcement. But you can always check if your story has cleared level1 or not. Link to check that will be sent to you once you submit a story.

Final Note: We believe that the competition brings the best spirits from us. So let’s keep it in a healthy way and let’s start our race to victory. All the best.